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Oil refining method

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Oil refining method: (1) mechanical methods: the use of settling, filtration or centrifugal separation to remove suspended solids in the crude oil in the gel particles and some insoluble matter.
Oil refining method (2) Chemical method: include alkali refining, sour refining, acidification, redox, bleaching and other chemicals commonly used in the process in which the NIE alkali alkali refining process and remove free fatty acids as well as with pigments, proteins , etc. indeed .

Oil refining method (3) physical and chemical methods include: hydration, adsorption bleaching, deodorization, steam distillation and liquid-liquid extraction and other physical and chemical principles hydration, bleaching, deodorization refining process. Namely the use of phospholipids which hydration swelling, sedimentation separation principle to remove water-soluble phospholipids and other substances (proteins, carbohydrates, etc.).
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