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Rice bran oil production

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Rice bran is a by-product of rice processing and rice contains 5%, rice bran and rice bran oil content is 16%, rice bran oil is a plant of unsaturated fatty acid content is higher oil, high nutritional value.

 should pay attention to three key problems in the manufacturing process of rice bran, first of all, the rice bran powder degree is big, to solve the problem of leaching solvent permeation, second, there is a certain amount of ester of enzymes in fresh rice bran, in a very short time caused three ester decomposition, acid value increases, third, the waxy rice bran oil, edible oils and fats as a senior cooking oil, under low temperature, easy appear flocculation precipitation.

Solve the above three questions, process design and process is crucial, leaching pretreatment is a must, therefore, we design process is expanded, a of rice bran granulation, solvent extraction, second, puffing process for high temperature sterilization, reduce esters of enzymes.Leaching MAO's refined oil must be refined form all processing, winterization dewaxing process must consider the question.

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