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Oil press maintenance method

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Oil press, we should pay attention to when using a point what, how to use in order to prolong the service life of oil press?Today to explain for everybody.
1 in the oil pump pressure oil filtration, concentration is too large, it is best to rapeseed oil, rice bran oil, etc., it is prohibited to use gasoline, kerosene and other flammable fuel.
2 in the fuel tank must keep clean, each work about 3 months to clean the tank, and replace the new oil, or remove the oil in the filter after use.Oil the impurity caused oil causes oil pump abrasion and congestion, affect oil press work.
3) handle and pump connecting pin, often should add lubricating oil to reduce wear and tear.
4 oil mill should be installed in indoor use, in order to avoid the outdoor wind rain, causing rust and oil pollution.
5 while parked for a long time, to wipe the machine cover, oil, and shield.

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