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The purpose of oil refining

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By squeezing method and leaching method without grease is generally referred to as crude oil refining plants or hair oil.The main components of the oil is mixed fatty acid triglyceride yoghurt, commonly known as neutral oil.These hair oil we use refining equipment for filtering impurities, so as to get the pure oil, health and safety.
In addition, the oil also contains any number of the glycerin three ingredients of vinegar, these elements are collectively referred to as impurities.The type and content of impurities in oil varies with the change of raw material quality and oil system of the different process conditions, the impurity in the grease in general can be summarized as suspended impurities, moisture, Angle of soluble impurities, fat-soluble impurities, five kinds of trace impurities.The purpose of oil refining is according to the gansu three vinegar and the difference of various impurities in nature, using a certain technology and equipment, to remove the impurity in the grease. Well to minimize the loss of neutral oil and beneficial ingredients in refining process, sometimes also consider the comprehensive utilization of the by-product.
Another method of oil refining with mechanical method, physical method, chemical method and so on.Refining equipment manufacturer to remind you to choose refining method, should according to the nature of the impurities in the oil, the product quality eggs play, refining loss such as selection of home.Principle is in under the premise of meeting product quality, and the emblem targets, do borrow make process short picked loss is reduced.