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Rice bran oil production conditions deodorizing equipment and preparatory step

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 Rice bran oil deodorizer device is the use of oil in the odor substances and triglyceride volatility there is a big difference, at high temperature and high vacuum conditions, with the removal of Process steam Steam Museum odor substances. Rice bran oil deodorizer device can not only remove oil odor material, increase fat eyespot, improve oil flavor, but also effectively improve the security of oil.

Rice bran oil deodorizing equipment is generally operating pressure conditions include a temperature control in general the amount of direct steam deodorized oil. Quality and deodorizing equipment pretreatment methods of rice bran oil has a crucial influence on the stability of deodorized oil products. Crude oil pretreatment before deodorization include: degumming, deacidification, bleaching, removal of trace metal ions and heat-sensitive material.