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Professional manufacturer of Rice bran oil extraction machine

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Rice bran oil is a kind of high quality edible oil,  rice bran oil is produced from rice husk bran oil, no nutritional value in rice bran oil up to 15%-22%.  Rice bran oil that it contains human growth must a lot of fatty acids, called healthy nutrition oil. rice bran oil extraction process technology mainly has two kinds, one is the press process, one is the solvent extraction method of oil. These two kinds of oil production methods out of crude oil, and ultimately have to go through the refining process to eat.


Process flow of rice bran oil by mechanical press method: cleaning and steaming, steaming and stir frying, making cake, squeezing and filtering. The specific operation method is divided into the following:

1, Cleaning: cleaning or winnowing machine available, screening method to filter out the impurities in rice bran;

2, Cooking or steaming and frying pan: available rice bran into a wok, set the appropriate speed, moisture, temperature and cooking time for cooking. The rice bran into the wok or frying for multilayer;

3, Make a cake: steamed fried good billet can be put into a spiral cake machine press into cake, squeeze into the cake must be fast speed;

4, Press: press press, fast slow after pressing pressing, most oil is squeezed out by high pressure pump booster to drain oil;

5, Filter: the press good hair oil with a special cloth in the oil filter, filtration temperature control.



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