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Refining process of rice bran oil

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rice bran oil refining process is clear to everyone,  we discuss the problem which is about the rice bran oil refining process and equipment is introduced. The physical refining of rice bran oil refining process with its relatively simple, it can be used directly to obtain high quality rice bran oil refining equipment  by-product of fatty acid, and raw material saving, no waste water pollution, good product stability, refining the advantages of high rate, more and more attention.


Especially for high acid value oil material, its superiority is more significant. It includes the distillation pretreatment and acid distillation and two stages. The pretreatment plays a decisive role in the quality of oil refining in recent physics. Years of physical refining of rice bran oil research mainly focused on the pretreatment of rice bran oil problems. After several degumming treatment after dewaxing, decolorization of physical refining of rice bran oil. Were studied. The research results show that, after cryogenic processing physical refining of rice bran oil color, FFA, total, resin and wax oryzanol, tocopherol contents were very good, proper low temperature treatment is possible.


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